I work with most of the ServiceNow partners and a lot of end users too and the question I get asked most from my clients is “How many Consultants do you have?”. As a recruiter who specialises solely in working with ServiceNow professionals, of course, I am working with some great Technical Consultants and Business Analysts, but is the growth of the ServiceNow industry too fast and therefore leading to an overwhelming skills shortage in the sector?

The answer to this question is yes and no, if you are a company looking for a Developer or Consultant with 5 years+ experience that has already worked in a Consultancy environment and wants a permanent role then it’s bad news… there aren’t many candidates out there for you and if you want this minority then you must be prepared to pay a lot for them!

However; it’s not all doom and gloom, every new company that chooses ServiceNow are inadvertently injecting new candidates into the market as they train internal JavaScript Developers to configure ServiceNow alongside their chosen partner. Once ServiceNow is fully implemented some of these Developers will be inspired by the platform (or the large salary increase they can demand) and will seek a role as a ServiceNow Consultant. If you are a company who are prepared to employ someone who has good JavaScript Development skills, a little ServiceNow experience and a lot of passion this is a great time to recruit and will in turn fill the void and fuel the industry with some great new Consultants.

Whilst the semi-trained JavaScript Developers can hit the ground running quite quickly, this provides a good time to start recruiting some university graduates. This is the best way to ensure that there will be many more experienced Consultants to work on your projects in years come.

I understand that this method of recruiting leaves some employers feeling a little uncomfortable…. What if you invest in training them and they leave for more money? I hate to quote a clichéd boring statement but:

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to” – Richard Branson 

This is very true, if you treat your staff well and make them feel like they are valued, the majority wont look to leave you. Also, be approachable. If one of your team members was thinking about leaving could they tell you? Be the person they can talk to if they are considering new opportunities so that you are the first person who can offer them what they are looking for.

What can be concluded from the ramblings of this Recruiter? Although the skills gap isn’t large enough to make a big impact on the industry right now, with the exponential growth of ServiceNow it will certainly become an issue very soon! The message is simple, hire good Developers, train them to be great Consultants and inspire them to stay.