I’m currently sat on the train on the way to another client visit thinking about my first 4 months in the role of “ServiceNow recruiter” at Arden Resourcing. I’ve realised I’ve spent that time reaching out to all of you probing, asking questions and generally trying to engage you all in some form of communication, whilst I’ve not taken the time to introduce myself properly so here goes…

I’ve been in recruitment for just under 5 years, recently moving in to IT recruitment with Arden Resourcing. The opportunity to join a recruitment consultancy that shares similar values to me, working in a vibrant and growing sector was to good turn down.

The way I like to work fits perfectly with the vision that we have here at Arden Resourcing:
“We work with you to help you define your recruitment problem, first; It’s not a “one size fits all” solution. We devise a hiring process, once we understand the specific and unique recruiting challenges that you face”
Please take a look at our website for more information on Arden Resourcing: www.ardenresourcing.com
Being part of a boutique business allows me to adapt to the individual problems and needs we come up against.
I enjoy the recruitment process, I relish getting to know people, taking the time to learn about people/clients. Finding out about their current situations, their ambitions, their needs and even their problems. With all that in mind I take pride in being able to make a positive impact on a person’s career or by solving client’s problem and helping to source the talent required.

Quite simply I see my role as a facilitator, my aim is to introduce the correct talent to the correct client.
A definition I like regards my role taken from Wikipedia:

“A facilitator is someone who engages in the activity of facilitation. They help a group of people understand their common objectives and assists them to plan how to achieve these objectives; in doing so, the facilitator remains “neutral” meaning he/she does not take a particular position in the discussion.”

Though the recruitment process is the same regardless of sector, of course I have been and still am on a learning curve regards ServiceNow. Speaking to clients and of course the professionals working on ServiceNow has helped immeasurably, so for that I thank you all. In addition, I’ve spent time reading and watching anything I can find based around ServiceNow and ITSM. Moving forward I aim to attend as many events as possible to aid my development and to enable me to meet as many of you as possible. My first one will be NowForum in London in October, so if you are there and you see me, please come and say hello.

I’m really enjoying the role and the ServiceNow sector, and I’m really keen to continue to build long standing relationship with both clients and ServiceNow professionals across the sector.